February 2018 Build - new puzzle and action areas

I've prepared a new build that includes some of the new areas I've been developing and integrates them into the temple. One area has focus on puzzle and another on action.

Apart from adding more variety to the gameplay, there's now also a better mixture of moving inside and outside the temple instead of only being outside in the beginning area. This begins to better represent the vision I have for the final game, although there is still much work to do.

New additions:

  • New Puzzle with a rotating structure.
    Head-scratcher or piece of cake to figure out?
  • New Action in a new type of rooms.
    I won't spoil what this room is but the 'Indy' is strong is this one. Do you find these rooms fun or frustrating?
  • New Environment such as a crenelation area on top of an outside wall.
    What do you think of this area?
  • A Bird that accompanies you in the beginning of the game.
    This is a bit subtle. Do you notice it? Do you see what the point is?
  • New look for scarabs that better indicate that they take damage when hit.
    Is it clear enough?

If you're an early tester with access to the build, try it out and let me know your thoughts over in the forum!

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