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Maze Raiders is a fun and frantic hot-seat two-player game. Run around in mazes and collect the most gold, and shoot to steal each other's coins.

Mote: You need to sit two persons by the same computer to play it - there's no single player mode and no network support.

Beat your friends and have fun! :D


  • Shoot your opponent and have him lose 15 of his coins, which you can then collect.
  • There are gates that connect the left and the right side of the level, and the top and the bottom.
  • Run through the gates and use them as shortcuts, or shoot through them to take your opponent by surprise!
  • A new random procedurally generated maze every time you play
  • Two different scenarios - jungle and pyramid!
  • When all coins are collected a countdown begins. You still have 60 seconds to change the situation!
  • During the countdown the player with fewer coins run faster then the other, so there's no escape!


MiscellaneousAnne Ivalu Guldager
MiscellaneousArchana (Jana) Vinayagamoorthy
Mainly Programmer Rune Skovbo Johansen
Mainly 3D ArtistKasper Raahauge Carset

Maze Raiders was made in 2004 as an exam project for a class in using computer tools at the University of Aarhus.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then play MazeRaiders.exe.


mazeraiders.zip 4 MB

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