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Eye of the Temple

Explore an vast and treacherous temple in room-scale VR · By runevision


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New trailer and Eye of the Temple in the press!
Last week I took a dive into the world of PR with Eye of the Temple. There is a new trailer you can see on the website or right here below. E...
February 2018 Build - new puzzle and action areas
I've prepared a new build that includes some of the new areas I've been developing and integrates them into the temple. One area has focus on puzzle and another...
October 2017 build - whip now included
Finally a new build is ready, and this one includes the whip I've been working on for so long! See this video for details: New additions: The whip! In-game menu...
Trials and triumphs of whips and levers
For the past several months I've been working on improving the whip I prototyped last year and making it possible to use it to grab a lever. Here's what it look...

See the welcome thread for how to sign up for access. Use thread for newest build to provide feedback on that build, or start a new thread for general feedback points not specifically related to a new build.

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